Hot dog buns


These will make you remember that a hot dog can actually taste pretty good

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A guilty pleasure with no guilt — at least, as long as you buy grass-fed beef hot dogs to go with them.

The first time I made these for my family, my kids liked them. The second time I told them I was making them, one of them said “Yesssssss!” and made that gesture where they make a fist and pull their arm in to their side… you’d know what I was talking about if you saw it. Enthusiasm. I don’t mind telling you that doesn’t happen very often because my kids are super picky.

These don’t come pre-sliced. You can use them as small sandwich rolls.

Small ones are small enough that your hot dog is going to poke out from the bun at the ends. The Large size is pretty large, and is almost definitely going to be longer than your hot dogs will be.

Ingredients: Organic flour, reverse osmosis filtered water, organic olive oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, barley malt.

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