Hamburger buns


A healthier option than fast food

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Pretty soft when they’re fresh. They don’t come pre-sliced. Pair these with patties made from grass-fed beef, and you’re on the way to a meal that the kids will enjoy and that you can feel good about being healthy, too. Or you can make other kinds of sandwiches from them.

You can get these plain or with sesame seeds. If you want some seeded and some not, say so in the order comments.

The Large size is really large. I don’t recommend them unless your hamburgers are half-pound or larger, or you want them for something besides hamburgers, or you just love your hamburger to have too much bread.

Ingredients: Organic flour, reverse osmosis filtered water, organic olive oil, Himalayan pink sea salt, barley malt.

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10-count Slider, 6-count Regular, 4-count Large


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