Why choose Wildflour?

Because you shouldn't be afraid of your bread.

Free Local Delivery

The grocery store is convenient, and I bet you don't want to visit a different business for everything you buy. So I want to make it convenient for you, and since I'll be out delivering anyway it's little extra effort for me. I can only deliver to the Portland area for now, so if you live outside Portland call or email to set something up. Delivery time is between 5-8pm. If you're not home, I'll leave the bread hanging on your door handle.

Nearly gluten free

I use a 24-hour long-ferment sourdough process to make my bread. This breaks down wheat gluten - some sourdough bread is lab-tested to be 99.99% gluten-free! It also breaks down phytates which prevent nutrient absorption and lectin that causes inflammation. And for most people it turns to blood sugar far slower than ordinary bread does.

Healthy and delicious

My bread is 100% organic and contains nothing artificial, with ingredients you can pronounce and would cook with yourself. Sourdough bread is delicious, and since I deliver it the day it's baked, you'll get it at its peak of perfection.